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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last Week!

I always like to find lesson plans that I can implement. I will be talking to my school librarian this week in order to find a book that I can use in order to implement the following idea. I like the idea of the pizza. Its visual, which can help many of my students with learning disabilities.

1. What one thing did you learn, and what will you do differently as a result?

I have really become more interested in the different types of technologies that are available to persons with disabilities. I had no idea that there were so many assistive technologies that come in so many different price ranges, and different levels of applicability. This will lead me to think differently about how to meet the needs of students with disabilities in my classroom.

2. Do you plan to recommend this tutorial? If so, please elaborate.

I will recommend this tutorial to the special educators at my school. I also already sent the link to the technology specialist at my school.

3. Do you plan to read or recommend some of the Recommended Reading books or add them to your collection? Will you link our LibraryThing list to your blog? If you have a book recommendation or have read one of the books that does not include a review, please send us your own review so we can share it.

It was interesting to see the book list. I have read a few of the books already on the list including A Child Called It, Flowers for Algernon and The Giver. I will definitely check a few of them out over winter vacation in order to expand my reading repertoire! I have placed the link on my blog.

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  1. I thought the book list was very thorough. I can't wait to read more of them! I see you are using Voki! That is what my district is suggesting for avatars!