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Monday, October 12, 2009

Thing #13

Delicious is an interesting tool. However, this is the first "thing" that we have used that I haven't seen immediate professional application for. While I can see that personally, this tool can be used if you are person who uses multiple computers, I am not sure why you would use this if you are a librarian or educator. Why not make a wiki, blog or website instead?

Most bookmarks that I use anyway are sites I'm not really going to go back to in the future... Im not sure that I will use delicious personally or professionally.

Did anyone else think of wonderful applications for this tool?


  1. Good point! I certainly can't think of how I would use this with students. It's handy for personal use, especially if I have to bounce back and forth between my laptop and desk computer, but I don't think I'd be using it at school. (The way our Internet filters work, I doubt we could use it at my school, actually).

  2. Ohhh I surprised myself by using delicious!! I got to school and thought "oh I wished I had that site, it will take me forever to search for it" and then got really excited when I remembered that I put it on my account!! It saved me at least 20 minutes of time this week! Yeah delicious!

  3. good responses above. It's good for locating and keeping track of good sites; you can give students "tags" to choose from (you can write in a unique tag so they'll get just your marked items). It's a helpful "host" for your bookmarks when you're at different machines.