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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thing #7

The technology piece that I have been thinking a lot about this week is a document camera. I was recently given one for my classroom, and it has been a great deal of fun. When I am reading a book to my students, I can quickly put the book under the document camera, and all the students can see the story. We were working on writing BCR's this week, and I put some samples of strong BCR's right on my smartboard, without having to scan them into the computer.


  1. sounds as if you know how to leverage tech to help kids

  2. We have a doc camera that I tried to use to grab photos of book covers for my blog a while ago. It never really worked well for me. Since I teach computer and don't use a lot of paper I haven't found any other use for the doc camera but some of our teachers love it. It might be a great way to show illustrations or a graphic novel or something....

  3. Our mentors and instructional facilitators LOVE to tell us about the wonders of the document camera! I can only begin to imagine the endless classroom applications. I am so jealous of schools that have them and/or SMART boards. We have one of each, I think, although they are almost always being used by the mentors/facilitators for professional development.