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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thing #2

I found the 7.5 Habits of Successful Lifelong Learners to be very interesting. Too often in life, we become passive about our own learning, and these habits can help individuals to focus and become more active in their own learning.

The habit that I think is the easiest for me to stick to is Habit #6: Use technology to your advantage! I have grown up with technology available for me, and when I have simple to difficult information needs, I have been able to solve these needs quickly with the use of technology. I am also fortunate enough to be a quick technological learner. Even when I am not completely sure how to use resources, I am usually able to do so quickly.

The habit that is the hardest for me is Habit #3: Viewing problems as challenges. The second something goes wrong, I get disheartened. I need to change my attitude, and realize that every problem has a solution, and finding that solution will be valuable for me in the long run.

My first exposure to “23 Things” has been positive, and I look forward to learning more about Web 2.0.

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