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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Discovering Assistive Technology Module 1

Types of Disabilities and Accommodations

I checked out the website for the National Federation of the Blind. It was interesting to me to think about how I would adjust my classroom if I were educating a blind student. I have taught hard of hearing students, and had to adjust my teaching style for them, but I would struggle to make the accommodations necessary for blind students. The NFB would be a great resource for teachers. It provides information from a list of recommended toys, to newspapers, to training programs to meet the needs of blind students.

I found the Job Accommodations Network interesting. You can search the site by disability or by topic, and they provide a list of recommended accommodations for persons in the workplace. Of particular interest to me, is that they had pregnancy on the list of disabilities!

I finally checked out the National Center for Learning Disabilities, which I think is a great resource for inclusion teachers. I am dual certified, and was still able to find interesting information from effective teaching practices to hints on monitoring student progress. Great resource!

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  1. it would be interesting to try some of these special resources on students who don't have that disability